When the real definition of design takes shape. Online & Offline.

Looking for a new way of working? Or adapt your current business needs to the new remote reality in a everything-and-everyone-is-connected era? We can help.

We offer offline and online services to adjust your needs, towards better workplace quality, efficiency, human resources satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

We know that it is not enough just to focus on the online side of things. We live in the real world, with human needs and human logistics. Working remotely works for some, and doesn’t work for others.

At Addapters, we can help on optimizing your workplace in the physical and online world.

It seems odd, but in reality we are:

Brick-and-Mortar Architects & Designers
IT Architects
Web Developers
Project Managers
Business Consultants


Web Development & Implementation

Transform your manual business process and communication tools into the digital world. Addapters can audit your current process, map your workflows and develop web-based working tools with existing frameworks at a fraction of the cost of a hard coded tailored solution.

We develop:
– Intranet’s & Extranet’s
– Customer relationship portals
– Business Operations Process Portals

BPO and nearshore

We offer a turnkey solution for critical and non critical (stochastic) process, with technology, Human Resources and local operations structure, like e-commerce, manual data recovery, document digitalisation, logistics, marketing campaigns activation, customer support and everything in between.

Modern Workplace Solutions

We can develop digital transformation solutions top-to-bottom, from real estate adaptation to workforce needs, cloud based infrastructure for working processes and communication, using the top-rated IT solutions we partnered with.


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