Beyond campaign and brand activation. Online & Offline.

We look at operational marketing as a fundamental tool to activate and bring to life marketing strategies, customer nurturing and commercial success with ease.

Mainly focused on procurement solutions, Addapters has a strong track record on finding the best (and oddest) solutions to our customers, either through material solutions, supplier management, logistics and events.

For POS materials and seasonal campaings, we can handle all the necessary works and adjustments that need to be done, thanks to our great supply chain partners and excellent credibility and straightforwardness.

Online, our team can quickly deliver landing pages, social media management, e-marketing and CRM management to grab each and every opportunity. We are a content-driven company, with high attention to deadlines, focused on what’s really important and with a problem-solver attitude.

It seems odd, but in reality we are:

Procurement Managers
Content creators
Web Developers
Project Managers

Our creative team is part of The Ad Store, the biggest independent network of creative and advertising agencies in the world. The Ad Store Portugal and The Ad Store Plus NYC in the United States is part of the Addapters ecosystem. The Ad Store creates, Addapters implements. It just makes sense.



Our dedicated procurement team thrives to identify your needs, propose solutions and manage the complexity of the sourcing process, from the suppliers identification, payment options, delivery dates and customization. We have strong expertise on delivering event the most excentric solutions to our customers. Try us out and see that we are up to the challenge. 🙂


We manage a pool of printed materials for all size orders and types of marketing materials. From millions of flyers to a premium fashion catalog, we got you covered.

Corporate events

Experience marketing is key to engage customers, stakeholders, employees. We can provide solutions with high end graphics, materials and installation in any given space. We can even help choosing the venue and provide all the necessary help in the process. We are a turnkey solution provider for corporate events, online and offline.

Digital Signage

This is probably the best example of the link between the offline and online strategy that Addapters platform defends. We can provide digital signage hardware for stores, corporate offices, rent for events and develop all the motion content that needs to be run inside. All in the cloud, with touch screens and interation or not. You choose, we have the solutions you need.


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