At Addapters, we aim to create a healthy workplace for all, with simplicity, kindness, responsibility and freedom. In short, with empathy. We prefer smart work to hard work (however, nothing is achieved without the latter), and saying that our best asset is our people is not an overstatement.

We take our commitments very seriously and walk the talk, even when some positions are difficult to take. We are an honest company at its core, and very aware of what we aim to achieve and exactly what to refuse. Our ethics policy, transparency policy and modern slavery policy are not just documents. In fact, we follow these policies and guidelines on a daily basis, and import them into every aspect of our activity.


A note from the Founders:

“Addapters is a platform guided by humanistic values at its core. As a company, we need to adjust and adapt (thus the brand) to life circunstances, just like any person has to. The difference here is that we are not alone. Our teams (internal and external), our augmented company (our contractor, our suppliers, our partners) are all part of this business structure, and are mutually interdependent. It’s up to us to continue to work for a virtuous and constructive interdependency, even (and most often) in the smallest things. We are so human. And we love it.”

Meet our core values at heart:

#1 We believe in Freedom

People, diversity and freedom of expression. They are our focus and inspiration, the starting point and proof of concept. This is a fundamental right and we want to be a part of it.

#2 We challenge the conventional

It is not enough to say that we do differently. We must think differently, approach problems with an open mind and define new strategies without fear or hesitation.

#3 We deliver accuracy and reliability

With experience and transparency our credibility and reliability are reinforce and meet our high standards in relation with our entire network of customers, partners and suppliers.

#4 We are guided by sustainability

We pursue a sustainable vision of innovation in every project, activity and product, reconciling our footprint with the financial, human and business requirements.

#5 We seek happiness

In our teams, in our concepts, in our attitude, in our approach in communication, relationship, creativity, people and projects. Life is short, let’s try to make it as good as possible.